Can hypnosis make you superhuman?

Hypnosis cannot make you stronger, faster or more intelligent. It does, however, allow you to focus your mind. Anyone who has encountered stories of people in danger performing incredible feats of strength, (like the mother who physically lifted her car off her daughter, onto whom it had rolled). Or people who describe 'adrenaline rushes' (like people who reacted to a situation or threat with blinding mental acuity), will know the immense power of human potential. Knowing how to access this phenomenal energy and harness it's power while eliminating distractions can make you greatly more efficient, both mentally and physically, but hypnotism only unleashes what is already exists.

Can hypnotism be abused?

Yes unfortunately. All power with the potential for good can be misused and misapplied. This is why it is essential to be as certain as possible that the hypnotist has a thoroughly proven track record.

Can hypnotism improve the memory?

No, because the memory is usually perfect, but hypnotism can certainly improve your ability to recall. For example, when you try to recall the name of a movie star in a certain film and you just can't do it no matter how hard you try. In fact the harder you try the less you are likely to remember. Then when you stop trying to remember and relax, and perhaps even think of something else, the film star's name that you could not remember pops into your mind. This illustrates the point that the information was always safely stored in your memory but the tension created as you tried to recall it interrupted the channel from your recall mechanism to your memory banks. When you relaxed and were no longer trying, the tension was relieved and a free flow occurred from your subconscious memory back to your conscious mind. Hypnotism will bring about the required relaxation to allow for a more effective process of recall.

Can hypnotism make you do things against your will?

No. A person under hypnosis will never do anything, which exceeds the parameters of their own morality or ethical principles

How Can I Improve My Welbeing?

No. A person under hypnosis will never do anything, which exceeds the parameters of their own morality or ethical principles

How does Hypnosis work?

By relaxing the body, consequently reducing the normal stress and tension. It becomes possible to bypass the hypothalamus gland, the region of the brain that, it is believed, retains the critical faculty. Surrendering the critical faculty allows a person embrace a more positive image of themselves, which can then be stored in the subconscious mind. As the subconscious mind is a goal striving mechanism, it will seek to synchronise with the more positive image Hypnotism and the workings of the human mind are highly complex, and really cannot be explained in simple terms. Basically it means that you can replace a deep - seated negative self - image with a positive one. Thereby taking advantage of the untapped potential within that has always been available to you, but dormant.

Hypnosis and Hot Flashes – What’s the Link?

Hypnotherapy has been found to be an effective treatment for menopause-related hot flashes and night sweats. According to a research study at Baylor University’s Mind-Body Medicine Research Laboratory, women who had undergone hypnotherapy sessions reported 74% fewer hot flashes on average. Additionally, women also reported that the hypnotherapy sessions also helped them to sleep better. So, how does hypnotherapy reduce hot flashes? Some researchers believe that hypnosis can affect the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for slowing down your heart rate and reducing your sweat.

What are the benefits of hypnotism?

Hypnotism can help immediately on at least two levels. First it helps to increase the potential or brain power available to us. Second it helps us use that portion of our mind more efficiently.

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Why would a Person wish to enter an hypnotic state?

Hypnotism is a natural state which allows an individual to relax sufficiently to gain access to the subconscious mind. It is generally agreed that humans use only 5 - 10% of their conscious and subconscious potential. An astonishing recent discovery would indicate that this small portion that we use daily we use inefficiently. A genius is using no greater amount of his brain than the rest of us he merely uses the same portion more efficiently.